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Quite rightly, this is one of the most concerning elements for landlords – “what condition will I find my house at the end??” It’s a fair concern. We’ve all heard horror stories about places being trashed by tenants. So what’s to be done?


Quantum pride themselves on producing the most comprehensive inventory in the City of York. We do inventories in-house so you know who’s accountable & we go all out make sure every nook and cranny is covered. Every item, every wall, every carpet, every ceiling is listed and the condition is commented on. Then, we take date stamped photos of every inch of every item, every wall, every carpet, every ceiling (and so on and so on and so on!). This ensures that should the tenants move out and damage the property, or not clean it as well as it should be, we can go through the detailed (really, really detailed) inventory with the tenants to negotiate monies taking from the bond as needed.


All tenants’ deposits have to go into a government regulated protection scheme (to stop the nasty landlords from taking deposit money from the vulnerable tenants was the idea) and cannot be released until both parties agree the amount to release. Should tenants argue the money held back from their bond is unfair, it is up to the agent/ landlord to prove that it is justified.

How? By producing a very detailed inventory and an equally detailed check out and sending all the data off for appraisal to the adjudicators. As many landlords have found, if the inventories are insufficient, then the adjudicators will dismiss the claim due to “lack of evidence” ( over 50% of cases were awarded to the tenants for this reason) – now you see the added need for detail we go into!! To illustrate this; on a 2 bed apartment we will take 100 – 150 photos so no space is missed!!


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