Landlords - To Manage or not to Manage


TO MANAGE OR NOT TO MANAGE, that is the question?

Whatever you choose, Quantum will do everything discussed so far to ensure your property is rented out for the best price and to the best people (should you not go for managed, then it would be up to you to put the deposit into the protection scheme – but we can advise on that).

If we fully manage your property you can rest assured that the house will be in experienced and very capable hands. Read on about how it all works…


Your rent will be collected by us every month. We prefer tenants to pay via Standing Order, but some tenants want to come in and pay by card or cash. You will receive your money soon after along with a detailed monthly statement showing income and expenditure. Late payers are advised of the seriousness of late payment and persistence is often the key to success in this area!


Your house will be visited on a regular basis by our team. Should any maintenance issues be noted by us or the tenant, we will always report our findings to you.


This is where we really earn our money!! When tenants move out, they’ll often “run a vacuum round & give it a wipe”, sometimes this is sufficient – often it is not. They forget just how clean it was when they moved in and can’t accept that the property really needs a clean now they’ve left. They often won’t accept that those new marks on walls/carpets/worktops are considered “damage”, not “wear and tear”.

It is at this stage that skilled diplomacy comes in! Our team will have built a rapport with your tenants throughout the tenancy and so can often speak warmly to them about what needs doing and why. What is brilliant, is that because we NEVER add any commission/ surplus on top of quotes to make right the property from maintenance teams – we can say sincerely that “we do not gain at all from withholding your deposit” & “we are acting for both you and the landlord”.


We know our Section 21s from our Section 8s, G.S.Rs from our E.Rs!

What Quantum can offer above everything else really, is the reassurance that we know that no matter what crops up, we know the legislation, the procedures and the way to do things to look after your property and you. This can prove to be a hugely valuable part of the service; an example of this was a Landlord (who looked after his own properties) who threw out a tenant’s belonging because she had stopped paying rent for 3 Months and had not been near her room throughout that time either so he assumed it had been abandoned… problem was it turned out she had been in hospital all that time and came back to her room to find all her belongings missing (and the landlord soon after found himself in Court).

The procedures for serving notice, chasing late rent payments, accessing your property for viewings etc. are covered by law. Should procedures not be followed correctly, then the penalties can be severe – so why not leave it to the professionals?


We have a small pool of maintenance professionals who we call on for repairs. We NEVER charge landlords a commission on top of their fees. How many other agents can boast the same?


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Ten reasons why Quantum Estate Agency is the right choice for landlords in York.

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