Making your property shine

“Pictures speak a thousand words”
Profound words! There is no question that the first thing we all do is look straight at the photos of property and judge the houses what we see. So your property has to look its best!!! Take a look at the photos we’ve taken below:

Quantum image

Whether you have a stunning conservatory…

Quantum image


A stylish bedroom…

A cracking Kitchen…untitled


A generous dining room…

Lounge - Modest

Or something a little more modest…

You only get one chance to impress, so choose an agent who knows how to get the best from your property!!

Oh, and in case you think all agents take great photos, have a look at the shots below (not ours!!). Then click the photo – and see OUR photo of the same room.

This lounge shot doesn’t seem too bad (click photo)
Until you see what can be done!
An OK bedroom photo (click photo)
Now it’s a great bedroom photo!
This is NOT an old peoples room (click photo)
It just needed the lights on!
You’ll be getting the hang of this by now...(click photo)
Yep, turning the lights on!!
Nice through lounge/diner…(click photo)
Moving the sofa makes it great!!
Looks like a nice kitchen...(click photo)
But look at it’s true size!!
Looking a little fuzzy?? (click photo)
Let’s clear things up!!
Looks nice...(click photo)
Should look stunning!!

The difference?

It is all down to the photographer, but buyers don’t know that! You get one chance to impress buyers – it can be the difference between a viewing or not – so give your property to agent who will make it shine!

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