This is the tough one – all agents talk the talk, but will they deliver?


Well, let me give you some facts about what we do;

We market your property on the biggest property search engines (Rightmove, Zoopla and Primelocation for example).

Property Search engines
Your property has to get the widest coverage on the internet, and we’ll give you that! All decent agents advertise on these sites to be fair, but this is still worth stating as some are not on all of them, and that’s important!

We are open every day.

Every day
As you know dear reader, your weekends are the best time to look, book and view properties, and so we are open throughout the weekend! Amazingly, a lot of agents are not! They choose to close when your buyers are wanting to view! Not us, with Quantum you can be assured we really do work harder and longer for you!

We ensure the partner’s work on the frontline.

The Frontline
The partners are sat on the frontline, answering calls, booking viewings etc. to ensure you’re getting the highest possible standards.

Always full time staff and partners working throughout the weekend.

Throughout the weekend
Indeed, Quantum have ensured that a partner is always there on the weekends as well, doing viewings and taking offers. So you know that you’re viewers are getting the best service possible; at our busiest times!

Fantastic staff to property ratio.

Property Ratio
Quantum operate with a fantastic staff to property ratio, and we restrict our property stock when needed, to ensure that you get that personal service you want. Our team will know what you like about your house and area (because we will ask you!), and we know how to pass that on to the viewers (so that they can like your house as much as you do!).

Deliberately low stock levels – to ensure you get a truly personal service.

Truly personal service
Our favourite topic! We actually restrict the number of houses we take on. This ensures that whilst the marketing coverage your property gets is worldwide; the service you get is truly personal! Our entire sales team will know your house – what you like about it, what you want us to highlight etc.. You can rest assured every one that deals with your house – knows your house.

Superb photography and floor plans on every property.

Superb Photography
Have a look at “making your property shine” tab, to see how we separate the men from the boys on this one!!

No lengthy sole agency tie-ins.

Sole agency
Agents want to tie sellers in to their services for as long as possible… Why? What a strange thing to do. What right do agents have to stop you doing what you want with your own house?? Quantum ask for only 2 weeks’ notice from day 1 – if we’re not doing it right – swap!!

Straight talking advise and feedback.

Straight talkers
With Quantum, you can trust us to give you the facts when it comes to the marketing, facts when it comes to the feedback, the offers, our advice. Agents have a habit of over stating interest to make them look good to you! That is of no help! You need to know the whole picture in to make decisions, with us, that’s what you’ll get.

Truly expert valuations.

Quantum have two Valuers who both have over 10 years experience valuing solely in the York and surrounding area. We will always show you comparable evidence in order to help illustrate our valuation figures. I have seen valuation discrepancies of over £100,000 between valuers! Clearly someone was VERY wrong! So rest assured with us we base our figures on expert knowledge and frontline experience of the market.


When we say “we’re different”, we mean it!

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See our results

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