A Renter’s Journey Through York

York is a city with something for everyone, at every major stage of their lives. As a university town there’s plenty of student housing, but there’s also plenty for people starting a career, or a family. If you want to rent with an estate agent’s in York, Quantum is an excellent choice.

We know if you’re new to York, you might not be sure where to start looking for a home. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to York’s most popular rental areas. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll help you find the perfect property for you.

York’s Student Areas

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The city of York has two universities—the University of York, and York St John University. These are both great places to study, though their facilities (including housing) are more spread out compared to other university towns. Student hotspots are mixed in with York’s key attractions, while student houses are likely to have three or four bedrooms rather than six or seven.

The best places to look for student housing are:


Heslington existed as a rural village for many centuries, though it saw dramatic development in the 1800s. Nowadays Heslington is best known for the University of York, which attracts students from across the UK. However, many graduates and non-students call Heslington home as well. Our Heslington location guide offers more information.

Students of the University of York can live on or very near to the campus. Some rental prices include common amenities like water, electricity and WiFi; Bars restaurants and study areas are also in close proximity. It’s possible to live in university housing throughout your degree, but many students choose to live in privately rented accommodation after their first year.

Heslington is a popular area for students; groups of students will typically rent a house together here. There are studio flats, one–two bedroom apartments, and houses with three–four bedrooms for smaller student groups. Hull Road (about five minutes from Heslington by car) is another suitable option. The road is on the path of several bus services; these provide access to York Piccadilly, the railway station and the university.

York City Centre

York St John University is located in York’s city centre. Established in 1841, York St John offers more than 200 courses, while 97% of students are in work or further study six months after graduating. First year students are also guaranteed St John accommodation, regardless of the course they’re taking.

Students attending York St John University can choose from several different university housing options in the area. If you want to rent privately later on, the city centre has studio flats, one–two bedroom apartments and two-bed town houses. Some St John accommodation is located in Clifton; if you like this area, there are good private renting options here too. House shares, one-bedroom flats and two–three bedroom houses are all available.

South Bank

York’s South Bank (located south of the River Ouse) is very popular with postgraduates and mature students. The mean age of residents is about 40 years old, though its popularity means the average rent is high compared to undergraduate areas like Heslington

The main property types in the area are flats, two-bed terraced houses and two-bed town houses. This makes the area perfect for older students, couples or even small families.

Young Professionals

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York is an excellent place for young professionals to work. The city boasts an employment growth rate of 4.1%, with fast employment growth in sectors like retail, food and tourism. York also welcomes young professionals and entrepreneurs; the organisation York Young Professionals creates networking and community outreach opportunities for its members.

Young professionals interested in York should look for housing in a few key areas:

●  Foss Gate and Walmgate are two great areas right in the city centre. Each one offers a mix of apartments and studio flats ideal for professionals. You can also find Quantum’s main offices in Walmgate.

  Acomb—located west of York—also offers good transport links, as well as a mix of apartments and small terraced houses. It’s very popular with both professionals and families, while the Acomb Alive trader’s association promotes local events and businesses. You can learn more about the area in our Acomb location guide.

Fishergate, to the south of York, is another area for young professionals to consider. It’s close to the city centre and most of its workplaces, with good transport links if you don’t have a car.

Families in York

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When you’re ready to settle down and start a family, York has several family-friendly areas. Renting is still a popular choice for families and professionals alike, and many rental properties can be found in the following places.

● Badger Hill, which is part of Heslington, is extremely popular with parents. The main attraction is Badger Hill Primary School, which offers good pupil achievement, teaching quality and management.

● Although Acomb is a great area for professionals, it’s suitable for families as well. There are several schools at primary and secondary level in the Acomb catchment area. There are also strong transport links with the city centre, and several green spaces for families to enjoy.

●  Heworth is a village northeast of York with a rich and storied history; today, it has many schools nearby. Terraced properties, Victorian villas and a strong community spirit are the village’s key attractions. Our Heworth location guide has more information.

●  Bishopthorpe, located south of York, boasts idyllic scenery by the River Ouse and the beautiful Bishopthorpe Palace. There are two schools in the village itself, with additional schools 10–20 minutes away. One of our offices can also be found here. Our Bishopthorpe guidehas additional details.

If you’d like further information on York’s catchment areas, take a look at our previous article on the subject.

Whenever you move here, York has places and properties suitable for every renter’s journey. As one of York’s biggest independent estate agents, we’re proud to offer properties and advice to all of York’s visitors.

When it comes to renting, we hand pick all of our housing stock to ensure you’re getting the best options. We’re open and upfront with all of our fees, so you can budget accordingly for houses or flats. We offer property viewings on weekends, to make the renting process as easy as possible. We’re also very well-informed on York’s most popular and affordable student areas.

If you want to start your own rental journey in York, take a look at our current slate of rental properties or give us a call on 01904 631631.

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