Who are the cheapest Estate Agents?

Generally, the cheapest estate agents operating in the UK are the online only agents, that offer a low fixed fee - payable whether they sell your house or not. Many sellers worry that they are not motivated to get them the most money, given they've already been paid, and that the service offered for viewings, feedback, negotiation, sales progression is far below the traditional high street agent.

Who are the best agents in the UK?

Best is of course extremely subjective! If an agent sells a property quickly, and for a great price, that seller is likely to think them great and will recommend them as such. The issue of course is that it's possible any agent could have achieved the same result - if the house was desirable enough and the price was right! It's on the trickier properties where a good agent can really excel. But how can you know which ones are the best? Reviews online can be handy, but many question the authenticity of all the suspiciously glowing reviews, often uploaded in batches over a very short space of time. Often, the most effective way of ascertaining who's best is to ask to see evidence of their success (hard data available on the major portals) in your local area, as well as checking reviews and asking local friends and family for their experience.

How do I find a good estate agent?

You have a number of questions to answer for yourself in order to find a good agent for you. To start with, do you want a traditional, or online agent? Traditional agents will market the property on the major portals and will have an office to visit with staff their who know your property. Online agents are more likely to have call centre-style telephony and a large team dealing with properties across the country. Online agents tend to be cheaper but want money upfront. A good estate agent should be able to show you that they have had success selling in the area before. A good agent should demonstrate how your property will not get lost in the sea of other properties they are selling. A good agent should show you that your property is going to get the attention it deserves!

What makes Quantum Estate Agency any different?

We will always focus on providing the best service for our clients. To that end we; 1. Provide the best online coverage available by advertising on the biggest property portals including – Rightmove, Zoopla & Onthemarket (not many can say that!) 2. Produce professional photography to showcase your property at its absolute best – key to every sale. 3. Produce stunning 360 tours of the property as well. These are great buyers who live away to both view the property prior to physical viewing, and amazing for having another look after the viewing! 4. Personally call (not just email) every potential buyer on our client list to book viewings and advise you of the feedback from viewers straight away. (We can do this because we don’t spread our staff over 100s of properties). 5. Ensure a Director takes personal care of your sale throughout the process – from instruction to completion. So if you want someone shouting they’re the biggest – that’s not us. If you want someone who will fight to get you moved, you’re in the right place!