How to Sell your York Property

So after much thought and consideration, you’ve decided to sell your home.

Many people do find selling their home a daunting, stressful thing to do, and it can be tricky to know where to start.

If you find yourself in this boat, don’t worry!

We at Quantum are here to take you through the house-selling process step-by-step in our latest selling guide.

We’ll also show you the lay of the land if you’ve got property for sale in York.

Is now the right time to be selling your York property?


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In our currently highly fast-paced world, there often isn’t the opportunity to delay selling your property as changes like a new job or expanding the family require a new home fast. Even so, it’s still worth taking a moment to thoroughly look at your property and the current property situation in York to identify any quick or long-term changes you can make to add value to your property.

This isn’t always a viable option, which is why getting advice from a York property expert like the Quantum team sooner rather than later is a good idea.

Many people are aware that adding an extension or extra bedroom can increase a property’s value, but this is a long-term and financial investment that needs to be carefully considered. Other similar extension projects, which vary in investment and time, include:

 · Adding an extra bedroom or office area via a loft conversion

 · Adding a bathroom or en-suite bathroom

 · Converting to an open-plan kitchen and dining area

 · Getting a new kitchen

 · Adding a conservatory

Cheaper and less time-consuming options that can also add value to your property are:

 · Getting a new front door

 · Replacing windows

 · Adding insulation to the loft

 · Repainting the outside of your home

 · Paving over the front garden to add parking to your property

 · Completing some mini DIY projects – uneven floorboards, fixing peeling paint, cracks in ceiling or plasterwork

These are just some options that can add value to your property.

We believe in putting a property’s best foot forward so a moment to review how your home stands out helps when putting your property up for sale in York.

I’m ready to put my property up for sale. What’s the first thing I need to do?

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If you’re sure moving house is right for you, you’ll need to go through several steps to sell your property.

The first thing you need to do is take a close look at your finances.

Your mortgage is the main concern at this point; tell your mortgage lender you want to move, find out how much you have left to pay, and if there are penalties for paying it earlier than scheduled.

You’ll also need to take out a new mortgage on the house you end up buying. Do some research into the different mortgages available. You will most likely have a capital repayment mortgage (rather than an interest-only mortgage) so focus on that when finding the right one for you. Your mortgage’s size will be determined by the size of the property you want to buy.

I’ve got my mortgage sorted. What’s next?

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Once you’ve found the right mortgage, it’s time to put your property on the market. You need to do this before you start your own property search; you can’t really make an offer on a home before your own is sold subject to contract. People usually sell their properties through an estate agent (like us!) who will help to market the property and show potential buyers around.

The key thing to consider here is how much you want to get for your property. You need an accurate valuation of your property price to determine this.

Fortunately, Quantum has plenty of experience in this area. We’ve been valuing properties for sale in York and its surrounding areas for 18 years and counting; as such, we’ve got a great idea of how much your property should sell for.

You can read more about our valuation process here.

What else I need to do at this point?

Anyone selling their house or flat needs an Energy Performance Certificate. It’ll grade your house on a scale from A–G (with A being the best) and provide information on how you can increase that grade. The average grade for UK properties is D, but higher grades are obviously desirable.

If you don’t have a certificate, you can get a Domestic Energy Assessor to look at your property and produce one.

Find your nearest assessor by visiting the EPC Register.

We also suggest you look for a solicitor or conveyancer when you look for an estate agent. We know a few, we’d be happy to suggest to you.

These professionals handle the transfer of property from one person to another. Budget for a minimum charge of £500 for this service.

What do I do after I’ve sorted my mortgage and other paperwork?

Let is shine kitchen by Quantum

At this point, it’s time to get your property ready for viewing and photographing.

We call this “staging”, and it’s a delicate balancing act between adding some personality and presenting a clean slate.

When a potential buyer views your property, they need to be able to see themselves living in it.

This means clearing away a lot of the excess clutter that might have built up in your home lately.

Take ornaments, books, clothes, shoes and other belongings out of the property.

This lets your rooms breathe, and allows buyers to see how much space your property really has.

At the same time, don’t strip the property bare!

You need to keep some home comforts in it; this adds some much needed personality, and gives buyers a sense of how they might live in the property themselves.

Adding a few plants and personal touches (like houseplants and fresh towels) is a simple but effective way to achieve this.

Another way to improve your selling chances is to refresh key areas. You don’t need to do anything too elaborate; repainting walls with neutral tones is a great idea.

You should also make sure your plumbing, appliances and electrics are all clean and working properly.

I’ve accepted an offer on my property!

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Now it’s time to ask your solicitor to start the conveyance process. They will provide you with several in-depth questionnaires about your property.

These cover topics like your property’s boundaries, proposed developments, included fixtures and fittings, and when you’ll hand the keys over.

Make sure to fill these out as honestly as you can. Lying (by accident or on purpose) could mean you’re liable for compensation, or could lead to a buyer getting cold feet.

Once these forms are all complete, your solicitor will create a draft contract, which they send to the buyer.

You’ll need to agree when you finalise the sale, when you hand over the keys, what’s included with the house and who’s responsible for any issues the buyer comes across before the sale goes through.

Once you exchange contracts, your house is sold!

What do I need to do before I exchange the contracts?

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Make sure that your mortgage is paid off; if it isn’t, you’ll need to request a final redemption statement from your mortgage provider.

A final redemption statement is how much you pay once you’ve sold your property. 

You and the buyer must agree on a date and time when you exchange contracts (your solicitors will actually hand them over). Once this exchange takes place, you’re in a legally binding contract to sell the property. If either the buyer or the seller pulls out of the contract, the other can sue them, so make sure you’re both prepared to go through with the deal. 

After you exchange the contracts the buyer will send you their deposit (which is normally 10% of the sale price) and you can begin moving out.

Then, you’ll hand over they keys to your property and pay off your mortgage, solicitor and estate agent.

What about that property chain, I’ve heard about?

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One thing that can really slow down a sale is getting tied down in the “property chain“.

The chain has several people in the middle of both buying and selling; at the end of the chain is sometimes one person who’s just buying, and one who’s just selling.

As is well known in the property market, if one person slows down the sale of a house, this means everyone else could be delayed as well.

According to Which? 28% of people have seen a property purchase collapse. Reasons include one of the parties changing their mind, splitting up or identifying issues with a property.

You can help avoid a collapse by having your finances in good order, having all relevant documents to hand and knowing everyone’s contact details. If you have several offers you might want to prioritise ones from first-time buyers, since they aren’t tangled in any property chains themselves.

You may also want to consider rental properties, or staying with friends and family as a temporary measure if your own purchase is delayed by a few months, but you don’t want to lose your current buyer.

What do I need to know about selling in York?

York Minster

Prices of property for sale in York have been steadily trending upwards for some time. That said, in the past year house prices were similar to prices in 2017.

As confirmed by Rightmove’s York property report, semi-detached properties have recently been the most popular properties in York.

These sold for an average of £248,135. In comparison, terraced properties sold on average for slightly more (£262,040) while detached properties had a significantly higher average selling price (£369,501).

York properties, on average, are more expensive than properties in Acomb and Huntington. However, they are typically cheaper than properties in Fulford.

Properties in the £200,000–£300,000 range sell the quickest with a mean selling time of 66 days.

However, three-bedroom properties sell at a similarly quick rate with an average selling time of 68 days.

By now we’re sure you’ll agree; having property for sale in York comes with plenty to think about. Fortunately, Quantum has both the expertise and the local knowledge to guide you through it.

Our talented team knows the York area well, and has an excellent idea of how much you should be charging to get a great offer on your property. After you get in touch with us we’ll arrange a valuation of your property, and help you make your property shine.

We’ll also get your property in front of the right audience by advertising it on websites like Rightmove, Zoopla and Primelocation.

All our property listings come with detailed floor plans and professionally taken photos. Find out more about our Let it Shine process.

Get in touch with us today by calling 01904 631 631 to get your property for sale in York on the market.

Or book your property valuation on our contact page.

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