Most popular postcodes of York houses for sale revealed

As an independent York estate agents, we keep a good eye on trends and changes in the property market.

We’ve conducted an in-depth review of York’s most popular postcodes. The Quantum team reviewed the latest 2020 properties, and compared them with data from the UK’s most popular property search portals. Our aim was to reveal the correlation of overall market share of the identified postcodes and average sale prices. We also wanted to see which areas of York had the most new properties entering the market.

Here is the full overview of the most popular postcodes of York houses for sale.


Market share: 31.25%

Average house price: £453,000

At the moment this area is a seller’s market, though this uplift is starting to decline. Properties here typically sell very quickly; Copmathorpe, Bishopthorpe and Askham Bryan are driving this market the most.



Market share: 31.25%

Average house price: £230,000

Interest in this postcode is rising, and like YO23 it’s a seller’s market. It’s highly in-demand as an area, with rather fast property sales as a result. Areas driving the market here include Fulford, Heslington and Fishergate.



Market share: 12.5% 

Average house price: £475,000

Interest in this area is starting to gradually slow down, though not as quickly when compared to YO23. Despite this, it’s still a highly popular postcode. Expect a seller’s market and good sale speeds; City Centre West, Woodthorpe and Foxwood are all key areas.



Market Share: 12.5% 

Average house price: £170,000*

*This is the latest average price, but note that prices in YO1 tend to fluctuate. This price is below the typical average for this postcode.

At the moment, YO1 is another large seller’s market. Interest in this postcode remains steady and is expected to stay consistent. However, we do expect some fluctuation in the average prices nonetheless. The city centre, Walmgate and Micklegate are all driving the market here.



Market share: 6.25%

Average house price: £320,000

Interest is steady in this area, and properties here are generally quick to sell. It’s one of York’s more expensive postcodes thanks to its popularity, with sellers having the advantage. Areas driving the market here include Heworth, Huntington and Osbaldwick.


Tadcaster (LS24)*

*Technically this is a Leeds postcode, but it is highly popular amongst York residents and commuters. Clients often approach York estate agents to sell houses here, since an understanding of York property trends is more advantageous than Leeds trends.

Market share: 6.25%

Average house price: £175,000 

This area is definitely a buyer’s market, and requires patience from people selling here. While homes don’t sell quite as quickly here, this area is still popular for first-time buyers that commute to York. It’s also popular with people after properties in both urban and rural areas.

These figures are an encouraging start to the year for anyone looking to sell their house, either in York or its surrounding areas. At the moment York is very much a seller’s market, and though this is beginning to slow down houses continue to sell quickly. Both buyers and sellers have been in something of a standby situation for the last few years, making this uplift a welcome sight.

Crucially, an uplift in available properties means more variety for buyers. With buyers looking for a range of different things from their homes, these are exciting times for everyone in the property market.

First-time buyers are looking for properties in York, which is driving steady growth in the market. Most of these buyers are young professionals (including couples and young families) who are putting down high deposits on properties. These deposits range from £65k to £100k.

David Beattie, Quantum’s Director, says: 

“2020 has started in a very different fashion compared to 2019. We’re getting approached by an increasing number of sellers keen to fulfil their property plans, as well as first-time buyers with high deposits that have been renting for some time.

“York is a unique property market, one that often bucks the trends of neighbours like Leeds and Harrogate. Over the last 20 years our customers have benefitted from our expertise in letting and selling property in York, thanks to our hands-on experience of York’s swift, changeable and highly rewarding property market.

“These recent shifts are a refreshing change in the market. We expect demand in York properties to remain high during the first and second quarters of 2020.”

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