Sell Your Property with 2018 Colour Trends

If you’ve got property for sale in York, you know what people look out for.

A nice kitchen, good plumbing and a tidy back garden are all big selling points.

But what about the colour scheme? The colours you use to paint your walls and furnish your home can contribute to a sale.

We’ve done our homework and put together this new list of colour trends for 2018. Try using these to get your home looking totally stylish for the year ahead. With a fresh look, your property for sale in York won’t stay on the market for long!

Remember that you don’t have to go overboard when applying these colours to your home. Try painting a single wall in an on-trend colour, or adding accessories in an appropriate colour to bring a room to life. A few small touches can make a big difference without having a big impact on your bank account. Ensuring that your property can put its best foot forward is part of what we do. You can find out more about our ‘Let it shine’ approach here.

Neutral colours with bursts of colour

Especially Elle Décor is championing this style for 2018 with both its Affinity and Sincerity colour palettes. The concept behind both is to have either neutral or pastel colours as the base and to then add bursts of brighter and bolder colours. This is a great idea for York properties as the traditionally Georgian styles are well suited for the neutral base colour and the bursts of colour can lighten the room up in a great way.

Many York properties also already have the warm cream base colours, so adding the bursts of colour is an easy addition. Some examples of this style is to paint the visible walls between book shelves in bolder colours, or simply using soft furnishings or accessories like cushions or throws as bold colour highlights in the room.

For example, a cream wall with bold blue lampshades, cushions or rugs can be both inviting and create a wow moment when people first enter the room.

Neutral colour palette example for 2018

neutral colour palette

Neutral pastel colour palette example of 2018

neutral pastel colour palette

Contrast Look

Another style based on the 2018 colour trends is to combine traditionally contradicting colours and themes to create something new. This contrast look is very suitable for York properties, as a traditionally Georgian exterior can have a very modern interior that still blends in well with the overall aesthetics of the home.

According to House Beautiful we can expect two colour schemes that compliment the overall contrast look, namely the ‘Black is Back’ one, where black is used as a bold statement colour and a more pastel based ‘Subtle’ colour scheme.

The ‘Black is Back’ scheme is matched with warm metallic shades such as dark bronze lampshades or gold accessories like vases.

The ‘Subtle’ colour scheme is a continuation of the minimalistic and Scandinavian look, which has been dominating the interior designs for the last few years. Moving away from the monochrome minimalistic look, it embraces colour in a subtle way and encourages the use of different shades of a colour family to create this modern look.

Either colour scheme matched with general modern interior and furnishing choices would quite easily create a contrast look in a York home and could inspire a potential buyer to make an offer.

York’s latest census confirms that the city is a popular choice for a younger demographic looking to start careers and get their first homes. A modern look to a traditional home could be highly appealing to this group.

Statement colour palette example for 2018

statement colour palette

Subtle colour palette example for 2018

subtle colour palette
The main thing to keep in mind with the colour trends of 2018 is that you can use them to help you highlight the best features of your home.
But this isn’t the only advice we can provide about property for sale in York.

When you sell your home with Quantum, you’re drawing on a vast reserve of local knowledge.
We know the areas we sell in extremely well, and we know everything there is to know about making a property as appealing as possible to a buyer.
For more tips and tricks on selling your property, give us a call on 01904 631631.

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