If you’re looking to sell your house or flat in York or the surrounding area the first step is a valuation and with Quantum Estate Agency, it couldn’t be easier

Our valuers are highly experienced with over 22 years of valuing properties for sale in York and surrounding areas.

Just fill in your details in the handy form below and we’ll be in touch to book an appointment. We are able to work the appointment time around your availability. We will take you through our research, find out what you need and come to a decision together about how best to market your home. The appointment will take around 40 minutes

We routinely refer vendors and potential purchasers to conveyancers with whom we have good working relationships and know to be excellent in their field.

After receiving comparative quotes for their services, it is your decision whether you choose to deal with one of our recommended conveyancers. In making that decision, you should know that Quantum would receive a referral fee (as below) from them on completion of your sale/purchase. Cowling Swift & Kitchin Solicitors; £75 per referral. RG Solicitors £150 per referral. Taylor Rose :£150 per referral.

We also recommend the financial advice services of Fenton Simpson to buyers and sellers. Should you decide to use either of these services, you should know that Quantum would receive a voucher of £25 per survey instructed and a percentage for each mortgage agreed.


Some FAQs That We Often Hear….

Who are the cheapest Estate Agents?

Generally, the cheapest estate agents operating in the UK are the online only agents, that offer a low fixed fee - payable whether they sell your house or not. Many sellers worry that they are not motivated to get them the most money, given they've already been paid, and that the service offered for viewings, feedback, negotiation, sales progression is far below the traditional high street agent

Who are the best agents in the UK?

Best is of course extremely subjective! If an agent sells a property quickly, and for a great price, that seller is likely to think them great and will recommend them as such. The issue of course is that it's possible any agent could have achieved the same result - if the house was desirable enough and the price was right! It's on the trickier properties where a good agent can really excel. But how can you know which ones are the best? Reviews online can be handy, but many question the authenticity of all the suspiciously glowing reviews, often uploaded in batches over a very short space of time. Often, the most effective way of ascertaining who's best is to ask to see evidence of their success (hard data available on the major portals) in your local area, as well as checking reviews and asking local friends and family for their experience

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