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In the good old days (e.g 2006 & 2007) we used to actually restrict the number of houses we took on (so we never lost our service levels) and now during the tougher times; we’re proud to say we’re one of the only agents to keep ALL their staff (no redundancies) and offices so that the service levels remain.

Ever heard this from your valuer; “I will look after Mr/ Mr Smith” or “your house will be my top priority” or “You know, I have a buyer in mind… yeah, actually, let me phone him and I’ll get you a viewing this week!” Now, don’t get me wrong, this could be the case, but words are so easy from valuers! Promising you everything and anything to get your business! Truth is, after they leave your house, they’re off to other properties promising the very same thing!

At Quantum, only a Partner will value your property, and only a partner will oversee the sale transaction. Given that we ideally operate with only around 50 – 60 properties, you can see why when we say personal, we mean personal! What you get then, is a team who know what you like about your house and area, and know how to pass that on to the viewers so that they can like your house as much as you do!

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Valuations are free and without obligation; so if you would like to discuss our services and arrange a potential valuation of your home please call us on 01904 631631 today or you can book a free valuation online.

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